Thankful for Worthy of Praise & WordPress

I’m amazed and very thankful that God inspired so many brilliant people to develop and provide modern communication tools FOR FREE for God’s people to use to spread His Word and connect His Kingdom!  We would be remiss if we did not take a moment to THANK “WORTHYOFPRAISE.ORG” and WordPress for the huge gift of allowing us to develop a practical and beautiful website using their hosting service and development tools FOR FREE!

I invite Cornerstone friends to visit They have a “business side” but have committed to provide this level of service FREE to churches. I can assure you it isn’t “free” to THEM in terms of manpower and support – which is ALSO free to us. If you have a few dollars to spare, would you THANK THEM by gifting them with an offering to help them continue to provide this service – which is NOT a luxury, but almost a necessity in today’s world!

I don’t know how you choose a church when you’re out of town, but I’m ALL about finding a church of “like faith”; websites like this one are the ONLY way I know of to do that today!

If you can’t contribute – at least take a moment to say a prayer of thanks and ask God’s continued blessings on worthyofpraise and their ministry to God’s folks!  Leave them a comment to let them know, too!